Departure and arrivals

How to get to your departure point:

From London

Departing from London Victoria Railway Station
(Paris, Amsterdam and European Magic tours)

Victoria Station serves the train lines from the South of England and services of the Underground lines: Circle, District and Victoria. Please see the following link to plan your journey with the Underground:

When arriving at Victoria Underground Station, go up the escalators and follow directions towards the Railway. Once in the Railway Station, follow the direction towards the Platform 16-19. Wait for us right in front of WhistleStop shop. We will then walk less than 1-minute towards the coach departure point.

Departing from London Hatton Cross:
(Edinburgh tours)

Hatton Cross Underground station serves the Piccadilly line (Dark Blue) for information on how to get to Hatton Cross using the Underground, please visit the following website:

Buses services are also ran by the Transport For London (TFL). Planning your journey will give you a chance to select either the tube, buses or both.

From Bournemouth

Bournemouth Travel Interchange is connected by both the Yellow Buses company and More Bus company.

Yellow Buses
To check how to get to Bournemouth Railway Station with the Yellow Buses visit: Select where you depart from or “Your Location” followed by “Bournemouth Railway Station”.

More Buses:
To check how to get to Bournemouth Railway Station with More Buses (Blue Buses), visit:

The Travel Interchange is infront of the Railway station. When planning a route, select “Bournemouth Railway Station” as your destination. The Railway Station bus Stop is in between the coach station (Travel Interchange) and the Railway station.

From Brighton
Brighton and Hove Buses

To use the bus service in Brighton and check their routes and prices, please visit:

The nearest bus stop to Marlborough place is are:
- North Road East
- Law Courts (Edward Street)
- Old Steine and,
- North Street

From Eastbourne:
We depart from Terminus Road next to McDonalds which is close to many bus stop serviced by Stagecoach buses. To plan your Journey, please follow the links below:

- Stagecoach:

From Hastings:
Hastings Pier bus stop is serviced by Stagecoach buses. Please follow the link below to plan your journey:
- Stagecoach:


Returning back:
We will arrive back from your tour at the same point you were picked up.

Travel Documents needed

  • Identification Document
    When visiting continental Europe, all passengers will be required to present their travel document at immigration controls in Folkestone (or Dover), UK and also when coming back to Calais, France. European citizens can present their country’s identity Card. All non-EU citizens will require to show their passport at immigration controls. UK nationals, as the United Kingdom does not issue National Identity card, will also require to present their passport.
    Any passenger that fails to bring their required travel documentation will be asked to not join the tour.
  • Return flights to home country
    Non-European citizens will require who are on temporary visa in the UK such as student, might need to present at immigration control their returning flight to their home country. This is specially needed when the passenger is due to return to their home country sooner than three (3) months or/and have a visa duration of less than three (3) months.
  • Booking Confirmation
    Passengers will required to bring any tour documentation sent or given to them by our affiliate agencies or by us through our website online reservation system. This document is optional to present at immigration.
  • Travel Insurance
    All passengers will require to buy travel insurance fro the dates travelling with Indigo Travel, before attending any of our weekend or multi-day trip. Please click on the following link to get a travel insurance:
    Please make sure you take care of your personal belongings during the tour. Pickpocketing is widely known in the big capitals and happens often.
  • Meet Your Tour app
    Please download the application “Meet your tour” to get to know any passengers potentially travelling with you!

Passport must contain enough blank pages for stamps and should be valid for at least 6 months from the last day of you tour.

We recommend traveling with passport photocopies (including visas) and your travel insurance. Keep these documents in a safe place, preferably not in your main luggage)Visas


Some nationalities require a visa to travel in the UK and Europe. Please check on the following link: for further details about UK and Schengen visas.


While travelling Europe, you may visit countries with different currencies. In Europe, the currency mostly used is the Euro (€).

The following countries currently use the Euro


European countries using other currency

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

If you are joining from the UK to our multiday European tours (not including Edinburgh, York and the Highlands) you may need to exchange money to Euros and/or another currency.


As a general rule, airports are probably the most expensive place to exchange currencies. Check with different exchange services offices.
For accurate exchange rate use the following website:

It is advised to change some money into Euros to have with you in the form of cash from the start of the tour. ATM machines, currency exchange offices are widely available at all destinations. Even though credit/debit cards are widely accepted through Europe, it is advised to check with you local bank if any charges are applied if you withdraw money in Europe. It is also recommended to check your bank’s exchange rate, as it may be higher or lower than those available on site.

We advise to not carry large amounts of money in cash with you. We advise to keep an emergency money stash separated in case of loss of your luggage or carry bag.

Money belts are also a good idea to have with you to keep your money save.

How much money would you need?

We recommend passengers to have an allowance between 40 to 50 Euros per each day of the tour. This amount largely depends on your spending habits and what you would like to spend your money on. This budget includes meals and drinks, souvenir shopping, admissions and optional tours. Please refer to our optional tours section to have a more accurate idea of how much extra money you may need to factor in for your budget.


Tipping in restaurants and cafes is widely accepted in Europe and becoming a standard practice. 10% of your total bill will be an acceptable tip.

Tipping our guide is not expected but appreciated. If you believe the guide has done a good job, a tip will be welcomed but we suggest you keep your money for your own enjoyment.

Public toilet

In Europe is very common to pay for public toilets. In London, you can expect to pay between 20 - 30 pence for public toilets at stations, squares and parks. In mainland Europe, it can vary between 50 cents in Amsterdam to €1 (Paris). Keeping coins at hand is a good advise.

Public transport

We include some public transport during our walking tours. During free time/days however, you will cover this expense. Europe has some of the best public transport facilities in the world.

Some cities offer great-valued metro/subway and bus fares.

Buses and trains tend to run from early mornings to late evenings in most cities.

Check with your guide the best available transport in the city and what schedule you are expecting to encounter. Schedules tend to differ from weekdays to weekends and frequency varies from peak to off-peak hours.

Taxis are normally more expensive in every city - Paris being the most expensive during the tour. Please, factor in any taxis that you may need. You can expect taxis to be as high as 60 Euros for 20 minutes drive in some cities.



No flights are included in any of our tours. Please check

or for flights in/out of Europe.

Luggage and Packing

We strongly advice to pack light for our weekend breaks. You will be travelling for just a weekend and limited space is available for our whole group. One piece of luggage of up to 23Kg is acceptable plus a small bag you can store over your head in the coach with your important valuables and essentials.

We also recommend to pack a small change of clothes and toiletries in your small back as when we stop just before arriving to our destination, you will have an opportunity to freshen-up. However, we will not be able to open the coach exterior compartment, therefore it is important you pack what you will need the following morning of our overnight travel.
Don’t forget to pack in your small bag camera, water bottle, sun cream, hat, money, etc.

DO NOT store any valuables in your main luggage. Indigo takes no responsibility for damage or loss of valuables.


What to pack

It is important that you pack your essentials and try to travel as light as possible. You will probably want to buy souvenirs for you or your family back home so, make sure some room is left in your luggage after packing for the tour. We suggest bringing a carry bag with your essential and important belongings plus a luggage (which is stored in the coach and may not be accessible at all times) with most of your clothes and other secondary items.

Please check the weather forecast to help you pack for the tour. Please visit: for more information.

Suggested packing list

Comfortable walking shoes
Smart casual shoes
Pairs jeans/trousers
Sweaters/jumpers (Colder months)
Rainproof jacket
Warm jacket/coat (Colder months)
Scarf (Colder months)
Gloves (Colder months)
Warm hat that covers ears (Colder months)

Other things to pack

Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin etc.)
Adapter plug
Camera with batteries or charger
Unlocked mobile phone and charger

Optionals to consider

Travel pillow

Voltage, plugs and adapters

if you are coming from outside of the EU, your electric appliances such as hair iron or electric shavers may be of different voltage to Europe. Check with the maker if these products can be used in Europe as you may risk damage.

There are different plugs in Europe and the UK as shown below:

You will be able to purchase adapters online, travel and gadget shops and airports.

It is recommended to bring an adapter with you from the start of the trip as a precaution.

Health and safety

Our tours consist of a majority of walking tours of moderate pace with early morning departures and some late night arrivals to the accommodation. Tours can be busy and full of activity; therefore we recommend taking care of your health, eating plenty of food rich in vitamins and drink enough water to maintain hydration. You should also rest at any opportunity given.

You should bring enough medication with you if you take medicine(s) daily. It may be difficult to find doctor’s prescription if you are not a EU citizen, it may also come at a extra cost. You will need to check with your travel insurance if medicines are covered in your policy. Bring an emergency prescription from your doctor if by any chance, you lose some of your medicine during the trip. Small supplies of painkillers, plasters, cough medicine, etc. may be advisable to bring during the tour. The coach will be equipped with a first aid kit.

Pace of tours

Most of our tours have overnight travels to ensure you can arrive at your destination during the early morning and while said location prepares to start the day (most museums and places of interest open after 10:00am) we show you around the city with a coach-guided tour. After our coach tour, most of the time a walking tour also is included of at least 45 minutes. The rest of the day is yours to explore to then check-in the accommodation after 20:00hrs in most cases. Our days are designed this way in order for our travellers to fully enjoy the place being visited and some people, mat find the long hours before check-in a bit tiring. We may be able to offer an earlier check in, subject to availability and making your own way to the accommodation, the tour is design for most of the group to be back to the accommodation during the evening.

Existing medical conditions

Passengers must communicate with Indigo Travel about any existing medical conditions we should be aware of. We reserve the right to decline any bookings if serious conditions are present.

Is this tour suitable for you?

Our tours are budget, with a backpacking feel while still staying in comfortable accommodation.

Sometimes during the tours, it can become tiresome due to long driving hours, weather conditions, early mornings or late evenings. Tour guides are there to ensure the enjoyment of everyone and make sure all the inclusive are met. He/she will be there for the best interest of the entire tour group therefore; tour guides cannot be expected to focus full attention to a few people.

We reserve the right to remove any passenger that may be disrespecting or disrupting the routine and itinerary of the tour.

In cases of emergency

If for any reason you need to contact Indigo due to an emergency, here are several ways you can contact us during the tour:


Indigo Emergency number:

Tel: +44 7 882 001 338

Tel: + 44 7 544 567 667
Indigo Travel Office:
Closed on Bank Holidays and the 25th, 31st of December and 01st of January

Tel: +44 208 1 446 078


You will be given travel material such as maps, recommended attractions list and transport (tube/ buses) route maps which will have your tour guide emergency contact number printed on them. Please keep your itineraries with you at all times or save the tour-guide phone number on your mobile for you to be able to contact your guide in case of an inconvenience.


We will travel in a modern executive coach during our tour, which will have TVs with DVD and toilet facilities either at the side or at the rear end of the coach. A working microphone will be used to communicate with the group and during guided coach tours. The coach will also have a fridge with refreshments which will be available for passengers at a £1/€1 rate.

Time on the coach

We try to spend as little time on the coach as possible so that you have more time to enjoy the places you visit. But do please remember that Europe is a large continent and it takes time to get around!

On driving days between cities you will be on the coach during the day, stopping off to visit places of interest where possible.

Two overnight travels are scheduled to ensure we save on accommodation, which reflects on the package price paid. Once we arrive at our destination, dedicated times will be scheduled for you to freshen up and relax.

Strict driving rules apply in Europe that limits the maximum number of hours your driver can drive each day. They also limit the maximum number of days that can be driven before a day off must be taken. We have worked hard to make sure this does not affect your trip.

It would be appreciated for everyone to contribute and help our coach driver to keep the coach clean. That will mean no hot or fast foods in the coach such as burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, etc. Therefore, plan your meals to have enough time to eat before you have to embark on the coach. Rubbish bags will be provided to keep the coach tidy.

Orientation tours

Orientation walking and guided tours

Guided coach and walking tours are generally up to 2 hours long and will show you the best sights of the city with several quick stops to take photos of the attractions. The guide will inform you of

interesting facts and stories of the main places we visit. We will give you a map for better orientation and your guide can help you with suggestions and places of interest.

Our guided walking tours are of moderate pace especially during the visit in Paris. Metro transfers may be required to shorten lengths of walking distance during the tour.

Your Team

Your team will be a tour guide/leader who will ensure your tour goes accordantly to plan. He/she will be responsible for any guided tours, optional tours, accommodation and any extra information you require. Your drivers will be responsible for the best routes to be taken throughout the tour. The driv­ers are also responsible for health and safety conditions while on board of the coach. Please help the driver to ensure the coach is always tidy without any obstructions on the isle.

Time Keeping

We have organised tours for you to enjoy to a maximum at each place being visited, therefore a timed itinerary is created and it is expected to be followed by no disruptions - unless they are caused by factors that are out-of-our-hands such as weather conditions, Eurotunnel delays, traffic, slow immigration procedures, etc.

Passengers therefore, should be able to maintain time keeping, ensuring the welfare of the group and being able to visit all the sights planned during our tours. Should you be lost or any inconvenience has arisen, we ask all passengers to communicate to our emergency numbers as soon as they are able.

If any passenger has created lateness for the departure/arrival of the tour, we reserve the right to leave any person behind to ensure our tours runs smoothly for the rest of the group.

Any under 18 year old passengers must be under constant supervision from their assigned guard­ian. In the case of the minor becoming lost or unable to meet at times stated, we would require the guardian to stay behind as to keep the tour on schedule.

In the unfortunate event of missing a departure point, we ask you call your guide or emergency num­ber to suggest the next destination point. We do not take any responsibility for financial loss due to missing a departure.

Included meals

Your included meals are detailed in the ‘Also Included’ section of this document. Continental

breakfast will typically consist on croissants, breads, cold meats, cheeses, jams, butter, cereals, milk, fruit juice and tea/coffee.


Note on European Magic tour only

During Christmas Dinner, we will be dining at our hotel just with our group! The dinner will include a 3-course meal and a soft drink. Alcoholic drinks are available at a extra cost. Please check with your tour guide or the friendly staff at the hotel to order.

If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please advise the guide of such during the tour. We would appreciate if any health conditions, including allergies or food preferences are communicated to Indigo prior to the start of the tour.


Room allocation is based on same sex sharing. Unless requested either before departing the tour or during room list allocation which happens during the day before checking in.

To ensure sharing with your friends or family, add on the notes on our booking page who you would like to share room with. Couples or friends without twin/double upgrade may share with one or two people from the tour, depending on the room basis.

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See the latest travel advice by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) including safety, security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health. Please check the following website for more information:
Advice can change regularly, please check the website often for the latest information.